Monday, February 17, 2014

"She looked fear in the face and said 'I don't care', and kept on fightin for me"..

Everyday I fall asleep and wake up to this beautiful little girl and I wonder how the hell I got soo lucky?! A lot of people look down upon young mothers, but for most of us, our children are our lives..our children saved us. My daughter certainly did not ruin my life, she made me grow up and mature. She made me responsible and hardworking. She saved me from becoming a person I never wanted to be due to the influences around me. My child has brought NOTHING but pure joy and bliss to my life..
It's one of those nights where mackenzee is having such a hard time falling asleep and all she wants to do is curl up on my chest while I rock her.. It's moments Like this, where I've got worlds worst headache because I'm sleep deprived, and I've got to pee like a race horse, but I already know the moment that I put mackenzee down to go pee, she will wake up and cry so I don't even risk it, that I wish people really saw. Moments when I'm waking up every 3 hours on a nightly basis just to check on her. And moments when she's curled up next to me in the dark almost asleep and I think it's safe to roll over, and she jumps up and says "mommy?" And when I answer her saying "yes mackenzee I'm still here" then she lays right back down as if she just wanted to make sure I hadn't left, that I wish people (people as in judgemental young mom bashers) saw so they'd know that I am just like any other mother, old, young, pink, yellow, brown, black, or blue.we are all the same...I work hard for my daughter, just like any other mom ( well a good one anyway) would, and one day Mackenzee will look back and say "my mom I s a badass. She looked fear in the face and said 'I don't care', and kept on fightin for me".. 

Nights like these just really make me appreciate being a mother a little more because even though it took me 3 hours, wrestling with a sick toddler whose already puked on me 3 times, she still stole my heart when she looked up at me and told me she loved me ❤️ 

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