Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The downside to parenting

Days like this when I just wanna rip my hair out because all mackenzee wants to do is scream and cry and be a brat. She is definately in that stage where she is learning to test her limits and what not. Ugh it's been rough on me. Sometimes I don't know whether to hold her and comfort her cuz she's obviously upset, or to discipline her for what she just did.. She's really at that age where she just doesn't understand what's right and what's wrong.. I try so hard not to snap at her constantly because I don't wanna be "that mom" but sometimes I can't help it. My one and half year old had done everything else early so naturally the terrible twos came early too /; I think I'm gonna look into some extened parenting classes that deal specifically with this because let's face it, NO KNE is perfect and we could all use a little guidance sometimes! 
this is a learning process for myself as well as it is for mackenzee so I try not to get too mad at her. Motherhood is not all rainbows and butterflies and this is just another piece of the bigger picture ❤️

And there is nothing wrong with asking and wanting help so I swear if I get any "hate" for this post I'm gonna flip. Haha 

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