Monday, March 31, 2014

I saved my daughters life for the second time..

It was a normal Sunday evening, I had just gotten off work and went to pick up mackenzee. When we got home, I made us some dinner and we sat down to eat. Mackenzee was eating chicken, rice, peaches, and apple slices. We were enjoying our meal just talking away, like normal. I turned away from mackenzee to finish cutting my chicken, I noticed she had stopped talking and when I turned back to her I noticed she was turning purple. I immediately dropped my utensils and grabbed her face. I stuck my finger down as  far as I could but couldn't unlodge whatever it was that was blocking her throat. 

My face got hot and a rush of adrenaline came rushing through my body. Without even thinking twice, I grabbed mackenzee out of her seat and threw her over my leg and began performing the infant/toddler hemlich maneuver (spelling??) within seconds the chunk of apple, followed by a puddle of puke, came spewing out of her. She gasped and began screaming immediately. 

Of course I began to cry too.. She was shaking and crying she grabbed onto my neck and just clung to me. I was in shock and I couldn't move for about 3minutes. I just held her and rocked back and forth comforting her. I was still trying to grasp the fact that I had just saved my child's life. 

As a teenager, I owned my own baby sitting business so I took classes called "safe sitter". The classes were designed specifically for situations like this and all sorts if ther first aid training. I also got CPR/ first aid certified as well. And boy let me tell you.. I never had to use these skills before and I NEVER thought I would be using them to save my own child's life one day. It is soooo important and a parent to be educated on things like this because in reality, ANYTHING could happen.. I had someone comment on my Instagram photo after I had shared our story saying "well you shouldn't be giving her apples she's to young" and I was livid.. She could of choked on ANYTHING. Not just apples. Mackenzee is 1 and half, she has all of her teeth (besides her back molars) she knows how to chew.. She eats apples almost every single day.. It just so happened that today she didn't chew it up all the way.

Anyway, the point of this was to show all of you that CPR and first aid training is crucial, and for me it meant the difference between life and death of my child. So moms and moms to be, if you haven't already taken classes, I suggest you take some in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation! 

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