Friday, May 23, 2014

DIY Glitter cups how to

So I saw this idea on Pinterest and I thought hey why not give it a try! So to make a super glammmmm sippy for your little diva princess follow these simple instructions (; 

Here's what you'll need: 

-smooth surface sippys 
-Mod podge adhesive glue 
-paint brush
-tray to catch glitter 
-random piece of construction paper
-elastic string 
-empty toilet paper roll

Okay, so step one:
You're going to need to wash your cup and let it dry completely. Remove all stickers and labels, and set the lid aside

Step two:

Take your paint brush and coat the entire cup with the mod podge adhesive.

Step three: 
Stick your hand inside the cup to hold it still and cover the entire cup with glitter 
(don't worry if it's even or not just get some on there, we will even it out on a second) 

Step four: 
Shake of excess glitter into tray and use the random piece of construction paper to make a funnel so you can reuse the excess glitter! 

Step five:

Tend to your mommy duties Let cup sit and dry for about an hour (or longer if you need) 

Step six:

Repeat step 2-5 lol this time filling in the spots you missed last time and also adding a new layer of glitter. You can repeat this step as many times as you need until you feel that your cup is glittery enough!! 

Step 7: after your cup is completely dry, take the mod podge glue and apply a top coat to help keep the glitter from falling off and getting everywhere , this is like the most important step!! 

This should be your finished product! 
Soooo cute and so simple right!? 

Now for the tutu:
Step one:
Take some elastic string and tie it around the toilet paper roll. (This will make it easier to wrap the tulle on ) you could also use a ribbon and tie a pretty bow but I only recommend that if you've had experience in making tutus

Step two: 
Cut your tulle is long (as long as you'd like) 1/2 inch wide strips.  

Step three: 
begin wrapping the tulle around the elastic in a loop knot (this is a pic I found on Pinterest explaining the "loop knot no sew tutu")

Step four:
Repeat step three allll around the cup until you've covered the entire elastic!

And boom! Done! Easy as that!!! 

Sooo cute! You can also make one for mommy to match! 

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