Sunday, May 24, 2015

Drunken words are sober thoughts

I had a rather odd drunken experience last night with a woman whom I had just met. But let me tell you, this woman changed my life. 

Now those of you who know me personally know that I'm not much of a drinker or a party person, however; when my child is with her father for the weekend, I sometimes like to Indulge a little. So anyway, last night Patrick (my boyfriend that lives with me) and I went to BBQ at his friends house. Patrick had to practically beg me to go because I hate going out but I agreed because we haven't had a night out in quiet awhile.

Once we had arrived to the house, we are greeted by some of our friends and I introduced myself to the few people standing around that I didn't know. The person whose house it was soon made her way down the stairs and introduced herself. She was an older woman (her son is friends with my boyfriends best friend) and she was so sweet to me.. We instantly clicked and She immediately made me feel at home. We were both drinking along with everyone else having a great time. As the night progressed we had begun taking about life and I started telling her my story. She was of course shocked when I told her that I had a daughter, just like everyone else I meet lol. She listened to my story and her demeanor toward me changed. We started sharing stories of  the trials and tribulations we've both encountered in motherhood. And we honestly just had such a great conversation. Toward the end of the night she was pretty wasted but she gave me the best advice I think I've ever heard..

As the night was going on she kept telling me how beautiful I was inside and out. At first I thought it was just because she was drunk and she didn't really know what she was saying. But I think after the 6th or 7th time she said it to me, she could tell I was getting a little uncomfortable because I had already said "aww thank you, you're so sweet" like 5 times. She started telling me a story about how she was at one point an usher at her church. And one Sunday there was a young pregnant woman who had come to see the service and everyone was just raving about how beautiful she was.. And she said "well why don't you tell her?" To the other usher who had made a comment on the woman's beauty to her..She said "too often we see people who seem like they have their life together or whatever and we just expect them to know that they are beautiful and that they are full of worth. We expect them to already know that, but what we fail to realize is that most people don't know their worth and most people don't know how truly beautiful they are. And that's why I'm telling you that you're beautiful so much sweetie, because I want you to know that you're truly a beautiful person no matter what situations you've encountered in your life." I swear this was like the nicest thing that someone, a complete stranger up until 3 hours before this, had ever said to me. 

And that was it. It just clicked in my mind. She was so right. I am so guilty of looking at people and putting a negative label on them because of what they are wearing or the way they chose to wear their hair that day and from what I "heard" about them..I hate that.  What I fail to remember is that we are all gods children. No one is perfect. No one has their life completely together 100% all the time. We are all fighting our own battles and encountering life "problems". We were all created differently and we were all created with a purpose. We are all beautiful in our own ways. We all have negative traits or habits, but we all have good ones too.

 I hate that I worry so much about the labels that people are placing on me and last night was so eye opening to me. Instead of letting people place a negative label on me, I am going to show them that I am already labeled beautiful inside and out despite what I've done and what I've been through in my life.. I know who I am and I will not let society or other people try to tell me otherwise. 

I swear it's so crazy the way God plans out these moments in our lives. I truly believe that he uses people, places and events in our lives to speak to us and I could feel that he was using her to speak to me. I know that sounds I honestly have never felt so humbled in my life.. 

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